Impression of mind and body

نوشته شده توسط مدیر وب سایت بازدید: 861

In this section Dr.Hezajzi talked about Simultaneous impression of mind and body. Also he expressed a new influencing subject, which argue about practical mysticism and conduct.

8thAin : The Simultaneous impression of body and ego together
  • The impact of Body on Ego (at first habit stick on mind, after a while these habit become an important feature of ego)
  • The impact of Ego on Body: Human imagination can be transform to his fate.

Self-Conduct (Ego Practical Course)

Wisdom takes precedence over action. If human do according to his wisdom, God will teach him unknowing issues. Course of action is consistent with self-degrees. Self-Conduct is like a taking an introvert tour, which is triggered our inner, it happens in and toward ourself!

Elements of Conduct :

  • Wayfarer
  • Conduct route
  • Self-degrees
  • Origin (the lowest rank of self)
  • Moving Target (apex of self)

Steps of Conduct:

  • Tajllieh : it is an Arabic vocabulary which means that “all the human action should be obey Sharia”.
  • Takhliyeh : it is an Arabic vocabulary which means that “ Disaccustom of evil ethics”
  • Tahliyeh : it is an Arabic vocabulary which means “Cleaning the interior and spiritual purity (to make the good characteristics)”
  • Fanaa it is an Arabic vocabulary which means “Creating love and affection in self that result no seeing himself.